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The Dram Club: App for Liquor Connoisseurs
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The Dram Club is a community of Whisky and Spirits enthusiasts who love exploring new drinks. We were recently tasked with creating a home for their community to explore, learn and share.

Our Challenge

The challenge was to create an app that would provide a closed gated community for people who want to talk about drinks and want to imbibe themselves in the intricate details of various spirits and its characteristics. This app was slated go a step further than other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, giving audiences curated spirit lists, recommendations, shopping tools and educative content, along with a social media feed for sharing and conversation.

Our Solution

We created an app with 3 key value propositions - educative and immersive content about various spirits, a social sharing platform and custom curated recommendations based on the users' interests and likes. We added high tech features to the app, like - personalised recommendations allowing users to select between one to four tasting notes based on their preferences, such as citrus, christmas cake, caramel and more. Based on these selections, AI and machine learning based programmes would recommend whiskies which were best suited to their pallate.

We also created a social media section in the app where you could connect with fellow spirit enthusiasts and post text, photo and video based content of your favourite spirit experiences. We also built a feature called 'My Bar'. We gave users an opportunity to flex and track their favourite drinks. Users could also drop reviews or check other users' review on their prospective bottles, positioning the app as a key buying tool.


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