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Over You by Rishi Rich, Roach Killa and Kiranee is an upbeat version of an old bollywood song ‘Hai Mera Dil’. The song is packaged with the sweetness of Hindi, vibrance of Reggaeton and sultriness of R&B which makes the song hit the right nostalgic feels and beats. We curated the digital promotion strategy for this release alongside a viral influencer campaign.



We only had a couple of days to plan and execute the entire release of the song. This included media spends i.e., YouTube Ads and Instagram Ads. In the short timeline, we also had to curate an influencer campaign within the given budget. We onboarded 10 influencers with their following ranging between 10k to 100k. Lastly, we were determined to focus on the life of the song on socials since most songs die down within a week.

Our Solution

Since the song hits the right millennial note with its music, we chose an audio timestamp that would have the most impact on the audience and allow them to add their own touch to videos including transitions, dance moves and more.

The chosen audio stuck the right chord with the audience and started trending on Instagram reels within the first few days and sustained for over 2 months after its release. We ensured consistency in our effort and promotion to maintain the trend and retain the interest of our audience.Along with the song's virality on Instagram reels, we also achieved 300% increase in views on YouTube as well as significant rise in streaming numbers across DSPs.

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